DIY Lighted Window with Wreath

This is one of my favorite DIYs I have done lately. It doesn’t take much time (or talent) and can be really cheap depending on what you already have on hand. The hardest part may be finding an old window to use. I was lucky enough to find not one, but two in a family member’s garage. I wish I had taken a true before picture, but it was just too dirty to bring in the house.

For this project you will need:

  • old window
  • wreath
  • scraper/sand paper or block
  • glue gun
  • optional: strand battery operated lights and burlap ribbon

I started by scrubbing down the window, then scraping off the paint that was flaking off. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just enough to keep it from making a mess.

Then I went over all of the edges with a sanding block, just to get anything loose off of the window.

I may have the world’s oldest hot glue gun, with no concept of a safe limit of heat, but it was my grandmother’s and I love that this was something she passed onto me (finger burns and all).

I picked up a Lemon Beauty Wreath from Hobby Lobby that was the perfect size for my window. You will want to fit your wreath to the frame before applying the glue, but my wreath fit perfectly where the window panes crossed. I just applied a good amount glue to each side, as well as some to the back of the wreath.

For a few months, I left the window with just the wreath. I loved the simple look and it looked great sitting above our fireplace.

We found theseĀ Philips LED Dewdrop strand lights when we were out Christmas shopping and had plans to put them in a cabinet but after getting home decided to try them in the wreath instead. The best part, they were cheap and have a timer, no trying to remember to turn them off before bed. I loved this look over the holidays!

I tested out adding a burlap ribbon that I had on hand as well.

This is a quick project that can be customized to fit your style, decor or holiday season.

The window and wreath completed our Christmas decor this year, I’m just sad that it is already over.

Which way do you like it best? How would you accessorize this window and wreath to make it your own?