About Us


Hello, world! We are the Stennetts and we love our crazy busy life with our three boys and one girl.

Why Est. 2008? That is when we officially became husband and wife. We welcomed our first son a year later and had three more kiddos within the next 5 years! Our life is super busy trying to keep up with the daily grind and trying to maintain a healthy balance between work, school, and extracurriculars. Life has gotten so busy, we have decided that we need to make more of an effort to live each day with more purpose and to not let the daily grind take control of our lives.

Being able to step back from long days away at work and taking advantage of the time we have together is our ultimate goal. We dream of traveling and giving our time to the people we hold closest to us. Join us on our journey to changing the design of our life and living each day with purpose.

Meet the Stennetts

Meet Courtney!

Courtney is the glue that holds this family together. Her strength as a wife, mother, and woman has helped guide our family through this crazy adventure we call life.

She has been fortunate enough to stay home with the kids from the getgo; however, she still manages to work part-time in the evenings, help coordinate bible studies throughout the year; as well as, gives her time to help with other women’s events at the church.

Court continuously strives to live more frugal and minimally.  This has helped us get closer to becoming debt free and challenges her creative side with her DIY projects.

Meet Paul!

As you read this, if it is during Paul’s time off work, you will find him either with a camera in his hands, editing his photos and videos or wrestling four crazy kids to the ground. Paul puts the fun into our family and has a love for travel and adventure.

Paul works full time with the military where his photos and videos are often featured nationally. He absolutely loves what he does and it shows in his work. You will find that most of the photos and videos on our site are his.

Meet Parker!

Parker is our first born and has been a blessing since day one.  His big heart and genuine compassion for others continually impress us.  His ability to focus and get through school has been equally impressive, often coming home and surprising us with what he has learned.




Meet Gabe!

Gabriel is our second and has tested us as parents since day one with an two-month early arrival into this world.  It is a miracle what modern medicine can do and equally amazing to watch him grown into the smart, funny and kindhearted six-year-old that he is.




Meet Eli!

You can find Eli photobombing our shots any chance he gets or snuggling with mom. There is no shortage of personality in this kid.  Often the one antagonizing the others or making the jokes that send the whole family into laughter, we have no doubt he will be the class clown with his quick wit and charm.




Meet Gigi!

God gave us three boys first because of this sweet little girl.  Only two years-old and she already has her brothers and dad wrapped around her finger.  Gigi takes the show with her sass and charisma.